The Educator Workshop Program was created so that high school administrators, counselors and educators could better inform students interested in a Marine Corps career path.

The workshop is an interactive week-long event providing a glimpse into what it takes to become a U.S. Marine, what obstacles prospective Marines may face when choosing to join the armed services, education benefits and job opportunities available within the Corps. Attendees will also have a chance to speak face to face with recruits, drill instructors, and a panel of active-duty female Marines.

Each day focuses on different aspects of the Marine Corps and no question is off-limits. Events include education center tours, Q&A briefs with Marines at various ranks and in multiple career fields, boarding a military aircraft, marksmanship training, eating lunch with young men currently in recruit training, team building events and optional participation in a Marine Corps fitness test.

Formal requirements for attendees include
No prior military service
No spousal Marine Corps service within the last 10 years
Minimal physical limitations (Some events require prolonged standing or walking.)

If interested in attending, please fill out these forms and submit them to your local recruiting station.
6th Marine Corps District