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Family Readiness

Family Readiness Information

The 6th Marine Corps District covers seven Southeastern states and is tasked with recruiting future Marines to protect and serve our nation. The Family Readiness Officer provides information and support to the Marine Recruiters, Support Personnel and their families. This site contains news and information to assist the 6th District family during their 6th Marine Corps District tour.

Family Readiness Profile
The Family Readiness Officer (FRO) billet was created to emphasize the 6th District's commitment to family support and "taking care of our own". The main areas included are: 

  • Information & Referral: about almost any problem or issue that arises on independent duty.
  • Healthcare: TRICARE issues become more acute when Marines and family members are separated from a base or post military treatment facility and the support they are accustomed to. The FRO attempts to channel your concerns and needs to the right action agency to resolve the challenges Marines and family members face.
  • Relocation and Transition: For the many issues that arise during your move/relocate or change in careers, the FRO provides support and information. This support extends not only to the Marine, but also to the spouse and family.
  • Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program: Each Recruiting Station has a Deputy Family Readiness Officer that works with the 6th District Headquarters FRO to establish the Recruiting Station program; assist with information, welcome new families' and supporting the families in their time of transition and need.
  • Legal and Financial: Information and assistance concerning legal and financial issues is available, including tax assistance.

 Other Support Programs that help build family resiliency:

  • Exceptional Family Member Program
  • Marine Corps Community Service Center: Marine and Family Services Liaison
  • Religious Programs: PREP and CREDO
  • Marine Corps Community Service Center Funding
  • Educational Support
  • Family Advocacy
  • Emergency Services

Contact the District FRO at 843.228.3679 or 877.824.2914.


6th Marine Corps District