6th Marine Corps District

Covering seven southeastern states and Puerto Rico, 6th Marine Corps District is tasked with recruiting future Marines to protect and serve our nation.

To support the 6th District Commanding Officer’s commitment to family and "taking care of our own", the Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) provides information to the Marine recruiters, support personnel, and their families from the time they are assigned to 6th District to the end of their tour. To enact this commitment, the District Readiness Coordinator (DRC) works with each Recruiting Station’s (RS) Uniform Readiness Coordinator (URC) to support District Marines and family members.

Over the years, the District has borne several titles:

1937 – 1945 6th Reserve District

1946 – 1952 6th Marine Corps Reserve District

1953 – 1963 6th Reserve and Recruitment District

1964 – Present 6th Marine Corps District

6th Marine Corps District