Covering seven southeastern states and Puerto Rico, 6th Marine Corps District is tasked with recruiting future Marines to protect and serve our nation.

To support the 6th District Commanding Officer’s commitment to family and "taking care of our own", the Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) provides information to the Marine recruiters, support personnel, and their families from the time they are assigned to 6th District to the end of their tour. To enact this commitment, the District Readiness Coordinator (DRC) works with each Recruiting Station’s (RS) Uniform Readiness Coordinator (URC) to support District Marines and family members.


The Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program

Communication:  Utilizing email and social media, the UPFRP provides direct communication to Marines and families and serves as a conduit for communication back to the Command regarding issues and concerns within the District.

Information & Referral:  With the support of Family Readiness Volunteers, UPFRP provides proactive and reactive resource information to overcome challenges and to achieve personal and professional goals. 

Volunteer Program:  A solid Personal & Family Readiness Program benefits from a dedicated group of volunteers who share their knowledge and skills with those around them.  Reach out to your DRC/URC for the training and to see how you can help build a sense of family around you. 

Personal and Professional Development:  Marine Corps Recruiting Command provides free access to trainers who can provide in-person and/or virtual workshops on various personal and professional topics.  Contact the DRC for a listing of trainings and details. 

Exceptional Family Member Program:  A mandatory support program for Marines with dependents who have special medical or educational needs, this program ensures a continuum of care.  The DRC may reach out to remind you to update your records.


Recruiting Duty Trainings for Families

Basic Recruiter’s Course Marine and Family Orientation Night:  This virtual event is conducted one week after District assignment day.  Basic Recruiter’s Course (BRC) Marines and families learn the recruiting process, hold a question and answer session with both a recruiter and recruiter spouse, meet District Command Teams and volunteers, and get information about the resources available while living away from installation support. 

Recruiting 101:  Each RS conducts a Proficiency and Review (PAR) training for the Marines once they are checked in.  Each RS’s PAR training has time set aside to welcome spouses and conduct Recruiting 101.  Recruiting 101 will give spouses a better idea of what to expect with Recruiting Duty and to learn ways they can assist their Marine.  Talk with your URC to find out when the next PAR training will be at your new RS.

District Spouse Orientation Course (DSOC):  A great deal of resources and effort go into making DSOC a valuable opportunity for spouses to recharge and connect with others within their general geographic area to build a network of support while on recruiting duty.


6th District UPFRP Support Personnel

District Readiness Coordinator (DRC):  The DRC provides personal and family readiness training, information dissemination, solution seeking for personal and family readiness issues, Independent Duty Funding assistance, and serves as a point of contact for issues related to the Exceptional Family Member Program and TRICARE. The DRC works closely with each URC to assist with unfamiliar readiness issues, resources and funding.  This does not mean the DRC is not also connected to the families, in fact, the DRC is an additional conduit for Marines, spouses, or family members to reach out to with questions and concerns.  The DRC will also pass along information within the District from time to time as a supplement to the work of the URCs.

Chaplain:  The Chaplain provides strict confidentiality, putting you in control of the information you share.  If you are not sure who to reach out to, contact the Chaplain.

Single Marine Program (SMP) Representative:  As a part of the 6th District family, single Marines are included in the UPFRP.  The SMP rep provides resources and opportunities available to the single Marines within the District. 

RS Family Readiness Volunteers:  Appointed volunteers are needed!  To become a volunteer, complete the Volunteer Application and Volunteer Agreement.  Submit both forms to your URC.  Contact the DRC for the required trainings.

Family Readiness Assistant Trainings

  • Family Readiness Volunteer Training (focuses on providing support to recruiting families)
  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • Operational Security
  • LINKS for ERR

Command Team Advisor Trainings

  • All of the above in addition to Family Readiness Command Team Training


Presidential Volunteer Service Award - Hyperlink: https://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/ 




  • Contacts


Lisa Lyford

District Readiness Coordinator                                                        

6th Marine Corps District



Email: Lisa.Lyford@marines.usmc.mil


LCDR Wilking Jean


6th Marine Corps District

Cell: 843-441-6157

Email: Wilking.Jean@marines.usmc.mil


Cpl Immanuel Benton

SMP Representative

6th Marine Corps District

MCRD SMP President

Email: Immanuel.Benton@marines.usmc.mil


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RS Uniform Readiness Coordinators (URC):  RS URC’s are active duty Marines within each RS.  Their role is to provide local communication and resources in support of the RS Commander’s vision and intent for their UPFRP.  Each URC also oversees the RS Commander’s volunteer program which helps to welcome new families and offer additional resource support.               


                             RS Uniform Readiness Coordinator (URC) Contact Information                                                                                     


RS Atlanta                 GySgt McElmurray   (770) 246-0354        Robert.Mcelmurray@marines.usmc.mil


RS Baton Rouge        MSgt Johnson          (504) 559-1594        Michael.Johnson@marines.usmc.mil


RS Charlotte               GySgt Blakes           (601) 214-4944        William.Blakes@marines.usmc.mil


RS Columbia              SSgt Alston          (803) 788-8788              Melena.Alston@marines.usmc.mil                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

RS Ft Lauderdale       SSgt Albert           (953) 452-0333             Bradley.Albert@marines.usmc.mil


RS Jacksonville          MSgt Martinez           (904) 399-1151        Alicia.Martinez@marines.usmc.mil


RS Montgomery         GySgt Copeland         (832) 493-5767       Joshua.Copeland@marines.usmc.mil


RS Tampa                   SSgt Stanislaus          (407) 385-2771       Israel.Stanislaus@marines.usmc.mil


6th Marine Corps District