Covering seven southeastern states and Puerto Rico, 6th Marine Corps District is tasked with recruiting future Marines to protect and serve our nation.

To support the 6th District Commanding Officer’s commitment to family and "taking care of our own", the Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) provides information to the Marine recruiters, support personnel, and their families from the time they are assigned to 6th District to the end of their tour.


The Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program

Communication:  Utilizing email and social media, the UPFRP provides direct communication to Marines and families and serves as a conduit for communication back to the Command regarding issues and concerns within the District.

Information & Referral:  With the support of Family Readiness Volunteers, UPFRP provides proactive and reactive resource information to overcome challenges and to achieve personal and professional goals. 

Volunteer Program:  A solid Personal & Family Readiness Program benefits from a dedicated group of volunteers who share their knowledge and skills with those around them.  Reach out to your DRC/URC for the training and to see how you can help build a sense of family around you. 

Personal and Professional Development:  Marine Corps Recruiting Command provides free access to trainers who can provide in-person and/or virtual workshops on various personal and professional topics.  Contact the DRC for a listing of trainings and details.


Personal and Family Readiness Trainings

  • Basic Recruiter's Course Marine Brief (in-person)

  • Basic Recruiter's Course Marine and Family Orientation Night (virtual)

  • Personal and Family Readiness Portion RS's Proficiency and Review Training (ask RS)

  • District Spouse Orientation Course (in-person)

  • Family Readiness Volunteer Training (virtual and in-person)

  • Command Spouse Leadership Course (virtual and in-person)

6th District UPFRP Support Personnel

District Readiness Coordinator (DRC):  Provides training, resources, communication to and from District Command, Exceptional Family Member support, and TRICARE support for families.

Uniformed Readiness Coordinators (URC):  Marines at the RS who provide RS family readiness volunteer opportunities, unit event details, resources, and communication to and from the RS Command. (Note:  Can you link " Uniformed Readiness Coordinators (URC)" to the section with their contact information?)

Chaplain:  Provides confidential support (does not have duty to warn or mandatory reporting requirements).

Single Marine Program (SMP) Representative:  Provides resources and opportunities available to the single Marines within the District.

State Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC):  Provide short-term non-medical counseling virtually and over the phone.  The MFLC's also provide a variety of virtual presentations which can be requested by Marines or spouses.  (Note:  Can you link " State Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC)" to the section with their phone numbers?)

RS Family Readiness Volunteers:  Appointed volunteers are needed!  Contact the DRC or your URC for details.




  • Contacts


Lisa Lyford

District Readiness Coordinator                                                        

Cell: (843) 441-6364

Email: Lisa.Lyford@marines.usmc.mil


LCDR Wilking Jean


Cell: (843) 441-6157

Email: Wilking.Jean@marines.usmc.mil


Cpl Tania Bryant

SMP Representative

Email: Tania.Bryant@marines.usmc.mil

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                             RS Uniform Readiness Coordinator (URC) Contact Information                                                                                     


RS Atlanta                 GySgt McElmurray   (770) 246-0354        Robert.Mcelmurray@marines.usmc.mil


RS Baton Rouge        MSgt Johnson          (504) 559-1594        Michael.Johnson@marines.usmc.mil


RS Charlotte               GySgt Blakes           (601) 214-4944        William.Blakes@marines.usmc.mil


RS Columbia              SSgt Alston          (803) 788-8788              Melena.Alston@marines.usmc.mil                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

RS Ft Lauderdale       SSgt Albert           (953) 452-0333             Bradley.Albert@marines.usmc.mil


RS Jacksonville          MSgt Martinez           (904) 399-1151        Alicia.Martinez@marines.usmc.mil


RS Montgomery         GySgt Copeland         (832) 493-5767       Joshua.Copeland@marines.usmc.mil


RS Tampa                   SSgt Stanislaus          (407) 385-2771       Israel.Stanislaus@marines.usmc.mil




State Military and Family Life Counselors


Alabama               (334) 796-9946


Florida                  (904) 524-0800


Georgia                (229) 288-6207


Louisiana             (228) 313-7205


Mississippi           (601) 520-6457


North Carolina     (252) 497-6257


Puerto Rico         (787) 463-1819


South Carolina    (843) 929-2251


Virgin Islands      (571) 519-9643


6th Marine Corps District