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U.S. Marine Col. Lance J. Langfeldt (from left), the 6th Marine Corps District Commanding Officer, and Sgt. Maj. Frank O. Robinson, the 6th Marine Corps District Sergeant Major, stand for a photo with the University of Alabama Gymnastics team in Tuscaloosa Alabama, February 11, 2022. The Marines from 6th Marine Corps District spoke with the team about the importance of leadership and their role in the community. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Shannon Doherty)

Photo by Sgt. Shannon Doherty

6th Marine Corps District Visits Alabama Gymnastics

11 Feb 2022 | Sgt. Shannon Doherty 6th Marine Corps District

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – U.S. Marines, with the 6th Marine Corps District, visited the University of Alabama Gymnastics team to award them for their exemplary achievement in both athletics and leadership.

The women of Alabama Gymnastics have shown countless times that they are dedicated to their sport. They are one of only seven gymnastics teams to win the national title; they’ve won six NCAA Championships, 10 SEC Championships, and an NCAA-record 32 Regional Championship. Their achievements show that they not only have immense dedication to their sport, but also exceptional discipline in its execution.

These traits are also shared by those members of the Marine Corps. In honor of the team’s efforts and in appreciation for this shared commitment to discipline, Marines with the 6MCD Headquarters, visited the Alabama Gymnastics team. The Marines met with the coaching staff, spoke to the team, and visited a gymnastics meet.

Among those who spoke to the team were, the Kennesaw Georgia Officer Selection Officer, Capt. Mary Sanders, and Col. Lance J. Langfeldt, the 6MCD Commanding Officer. Sanders was a part of the Alabama Gymnastics team while she attended the University of Alabama. She spoke to the team about the importance of continuing to uphold the discipline that they gain through their gymnastics training, as this discipline has helped her during her career as a Marine.

After speaking with the team, Sanders reflected that, “The Alabama Gymnastics program laid the foundation and instilled the core values in me that have contributed greatly to my success as a Marine Officer. Being able to share my experiences and lessons learned with this team of gifted athletes and incredible young women gives me a great sense of pride in belonging to both the legacy of Alabama Gymnastics and the Marine Corps.”

This was followed by Langfeldt speaking to the team about the importance of maintaining discipline and upholding leadership traits in all that they do.

“Several women . . . have come before you and have done some great things. It’s now your responsibility to maintain that legacy,” said Langfeldt.

After speaking to the team, Langfeldt awarded two of its members, Ella Burgess and Emily Gaskins, for their achievements in athleticism and leadership, as Alabama gymnasts.

Later that evening, the Marines were able to attend an Alabama Gymnastics meet. The team competed against the University of Georgia and overcame them by 197.475 - 196.8. Alabama Gymnastics showed great athleticism, which resulted in their win over Georgia.

The women of Alabama Gymnastics are hard-working and consistently inspire their community with all that they do. Their continued dedication will allow for them to seek and gain success in their future endeavors.

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