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Staff Sgt. Britny Brown poses for a photo at Marine Corps Recruiting Sub-Station Savannah, Ga. on Aug. 24, 2021. Staff Sgt. Brown discusses her biggest role model growing up, her reasons for joining the Marines and her advice to females interested in enlisting. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Dylan Walters)

Photo by Cpl. Dylan Walters

Proving Them Wrong

9 Nov 2021 | Cpl. Dyan Walters 6th Marine Corps District

Growing up, Staff Sgt. Britny Brown saw her aunt as one of her biggest role models growing up. Brown said she most admired the way she carried herself and always tried to care for everyone around her.
“She was always selfless and had that perseverance to keep pushing forward, not everyone gets to experience that growing up,” Brown said.
With that strong family foundation, Brown, a recruiter at Recruiting Substation Savannah with Recruiting Station Columbia, was determined to mentor future leaders equivalent to how her aunt mentored her.
Rather than joining right out of high school Brown decided to go to college first. After recognizing that her heart was set on other horizons than college, Brown said she wanted to see a change in herself and decided to enlist when she reached 20 years old.
“I knew I wanted to change my life for the better,” stated Brown. “The Marine Corps gave me that ability.”
When she told her family about her plans most were supportive, however some had their doubts.
“They said I was either too small, too short or just by being a female it would be too hard for me.” Hearing this made Brown just want to work harder to prove them wrong.
When asked if she faced any adversity in the Marine Corps, Brown stated, “In my time in the Marine Corps I’ve always been treated equally, I had leadership that truly cared about my well-being, and they always looked out for me.”
Brown continues to inspire young women to become better versions of themselves and motivate them to learn the strength of their inner voice.
“It doesn’t matter where you come from, whether you’re a cheerleader for the football team or on the football team,” said Brown. “As long as you have that mentality that you want to be better than where you are at, the Marine Corps will be what gets you there.”

6th Marine Corps District