14 Dec 2018 | Sgt. Jorge A. Rosales 6th Marine Corps District

Pfc. Michael A. Hernandez graduated from Marine recruit training today as the platoon honor graduate of Platoon 3102, Company K, 3rd Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, for placing first of 91 recruits.

The honor graduate award recognizes the Marine who best exemplifies the total Marine concept, which encompasses physical fitness, marksmanship and leadership traits, during recruit training.

Hernandez, a native of Ruskin, Florida, acted as platoon guide for Platoon 3102.
Hernandez, is a graduate of Lenard High School and was recruited at Recruiting Substation Brandon, by Staff Sergeant Donald Rich.

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What type of employment did the Marine have prior to recruit training?
Hardest part of recruit training:
Getting through STC/Watching Mike CO graduate
What did the Marine like least about recruit training?
What did the Marine like best about recruit training?
Range and Confidence Course
Which drill instructor had the greatest impact on you, and what was the most important
thing you learned from him/her?
Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Delsol, He taught me how to be a leader, and how to manage my platoon and the recruits in it. He also taught me how to continue through the hard parts of Recruit Training without giving up.
Does the Marine have family attending graduation?

Next of Kin Info:
Name: David M Hernandez
Relationship: Father
Address: 10142 Celtic Ash Dr, Ruskin, FL 33573
Phone: 719-205-8576
Email address and name of someone attending grad:

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