31 Aug 2018 | 6th Marine Corps District

MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, South Carolina - Pfc. Enrique Class graduated from Marine recruit training today as the platoon honor graduate of Platoon 2068, Company F, 2nd Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, for placing first of 74 recruits.

The honor graduate award recognizes the Marine who best exemplifies the total Marine concept, which encompasses physical fitness, marksmanship and leadership traits, during recruit training.

During recruit training, Class acted as platoon guide for Platoon 2068, scored 295 points out of a possible 300 points on his physical fitness test, 300 out of a possible 300 points on his combat fitness test, and was deemed a sharpshooter for scoring 299 points out of a possible 350 on his marksmanship qualification.

Class was recruited at Recruiting Substation Montgomery, by Staff Sergeant Bruce N. Huntley.

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6th Marine Corps District